About QVNA


QVNA is guided by and lives by its mission of community stewardship, advocacy and service.

Board of Directors

QVNA has a governing Board of Directors composed of volunteer members who have full authority and accountability for the association. In accordance with QVNA Bylaws, the Board of Directors have responsibility for the supervision, control, and direction of the affairs of the association. They decide association policy, set business goals, approve plans, and monitor their progress.

Directors are assigned by QVNA’s President to serve as Board Liaisons to QVNA’s  committees and fiscally sponsored Friends Groups, which are led and staffed by QVNA members on a volunteer basis. Committees and fiscally sponsored Friends Groups serve a vital role in QVNA’s long-term success by supporting the mission and the priorities set in the annual strategic plan.

Geographic Boundaries

Queen Village is bounded by the south side of Lombard St to the north side of Washington Avenue and the east side of 6th St to the Delaware River piers.

A Recognized Civic Organization (RCO)

A 501(c)(3) non-profit, QVNA was founded on November 3, 1969 to “serve the residents of Queen Village and strengthen the community by: providing a forum for public discussion of issues of concern and interest, supporting improvements to our neighborhood, our schools and our city, facilitating understanding and use of public services and acting as a channel of communication with city officials and elected representatives.