About QVNA

Queen Village Neighbors Association (QVNA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was formed in 1969 to serve the residents of Queen Village, a residential neighborhood located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Geographical Boundaries

Queen Village is defined as the area bounded by the south side of Lombard Street on the North, the north side of Washington Avenue on the South, the east side of Sixth Street on the West, and the Delaware River, including the pier heads, in the East.

Per the City’s Zoning Code (§ 14-303, Subsections (11A) and (12)) and PCPC Regulations (Section 12), QVNA serves as a Registered Community Organization for the purpose of participating in zoning decisions in the geographic area delineated above.

Meetings and Volunteer Opportunities

Board Meetings and General Membership Meetings take place each month and are open to the public.  QVNA also has a number of active committees and groups made of up volunteers who strive to make improvements to the community.