Zoning Committee Meetings

QVNA’s Zoning Committee convenes public meetings at 7:30pm on the second Wednesday of each month. All meetings are listed on QVNA’s events calendar.  Meetings are located at 416 Gaskill Street (QVNA’s first-floor entrance).

Public meetings are convened to review the proposed plans of zoning variance Applicants and ensure that neighbors have the opportunity to provide input in accordance with Philadelphia’s Zoning Code.

At each meeting, Applicants present their proposed project plans before the Zoning Committee, neighbors of the proposed project, and other interested parties. After the Applicant presents, all Committee questions are asked before the Chair opens the floor for neighbor questions.

The Committee may submit to the City any one of four decisions: support, oppose, not oppose, or defer (i.e., another meeting is required). The Committee’s decision to support, oppose or not oppose is not always rendered at the meeting.

QVNA Requirements for Variance Applicants:

Please click here to find out what you are required to do in advance of, and what you are required to bring to, a QVNA Zoning Committee meeting.

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