Zoning Mtg – Topic: 129 Washington Ave

QVNA is convening a public meeting of its zoning committee to review the proposed development at 129 Washington Avenue and its potential impact on the neighborhood.  This proposed project was referred to QVNA by the City of Philadelphia because it is not in compliance with 3 provisions of the Philadelphia Code.  Please click here to see the 129 WASHINGTON AVE REFUSAL.

  • The proposed project is for the complete demolition of existing structure on lot.
  • For the erection of an attached structure (42′ high); roof deck accessed by a pilothouse, 3rd floor front deck at League Ave side, deck at 2nd and 3rd floor (Washington Ave frontage); for a vacant commercial space at 1st floor in the same building with multi-family household living (9 dwelling units) from 2nd-4th floors and with loading dock at ground floor.
  • Size and location as shown in the application.

Public opinion is an important part of the zoning review process and your participation is invited at this meeting.