Overlapping RCO Boundaries: SSHD and QVNA

Like QVNA, The South Street Headhouse District (SSHD) is designated a Registered Community Organization (RCO) by the City Planning Commission (which oversees the Zoning Code).

SSHD’s boundaries overlap with those of Queen Village from:

  • The east side of 6th Street to Front Street, and
  • The south side of Lombard Street to Washington Avenue.

When a Zoning Variance Applicant has a proposed commercial and residential mixed project within SSHD’s and QVNA’s overlapping boundaries, the Coordinating RCO determined by the City is typically SSHD in consultation with QVNA.

The Coordinating RCO schedules and convenes the public zoning meeting, in consultation with the other RCO, in accordance with the zoning code process.

South Street Headhouse District boundaries