Trash and Recycling Collection

Trash and Recycling Collection Day
Trash and recycling should be placed out between 7pm the night before and 7am the day of collection. To avoid additional litter problems, please put out your trash in a sturdy container with a lid. Please also remember that after a holiday, trash service will be delayed by a day.

Call 311 for missed pickups or other problems such as illegal dumping.  For general information on sanitation including collection day, set out times, proper containers, visit the Philadelphia Street Departments website.

Recycling Information
Recycling is not only good for the environment by helping to reduce air and water pollution and conserving energy and natural resources, it’s also good for the economy! Recycling Collection is every week on the same day as trash day.  For general information on recycling, visit the Philadelphia Streets Department website or the Recycle By City Guide.

Recycling Electronics
The city does not recycle electronics or appliances. Whole Foods Market accepts small electronics, corks and batteries.


You do not need a city issued bin in order to recycle and can use any sturdy plastic or metal container that holds 32 gallons or less and just mark it with the word “RECYCLING” on its side. Don’t use cardboard boxes as containers–they’ll end up wet, split open and make a mess on your sidewalk.

If you want a blue bin, you can pick one up from a city sanitation yard or Weccacoe Community Building.

Recycling is mandatory in Philadelphia and residents who do not participate can be subjected to fines. City SWEEP officers occasionally do inspections and can levy $25 fines to residents who are found with recyclables in their trash.

Philadelphia Recycling Rewards
The Philadelphia Recycling Rewards program provides residents who recycle with coupons or discounts to stores, restaurants and local attractions. The more you recycle, the more points we all earn!

Litter Information
Litter has many negative impacts on our community. Litter clogs up our storm drains, worsening the flooding problem in the neighborhood. The presence of litter on streets reduces property values. Like graffiti and broken windows, it also sends the signal that our neighborhood is unsafe- inviting drug dealers and other criminals into the area.

How can you help fight litter?

  1. Clean up your street- Make an effort to pick up trash in front of and around your property. Set an example for your neighbors and encourage them to sweep their property too. Teach your kids not to litter.
  2. Put a No-Circular sticker on your property. One of the major sources of litter is restaurant flyers and other circulars. By putting up a sticker, you can cut down on the chances of those flyers becoming street litter.
  3. Donate to the Queen Village Neighbors Association to help us pay for anti-litter efforts, including paying for professional street cleaning.