Neighbor Complaint Report

For Alcohol-Licensed Nuisance Businesses Only

This form is NOT a substitute for calling 911.  Please call 911 FIRST.

As a public service to residents, QVNA now provides a submission form to report NUISANCE behavior by an alcohol-licensed business. This form is unique because each report notifies law enforcement and government officials immediately and simultaneously.

Anonymous complaints may NOT be made using this form. You may file anonymous complaints to the Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement at 1-800-932-0602 or here.

For Alcohol-Licensed Nuisance Businesses
what is reportable NUISANCE behavior?

  1. Alcohol from the business being brought outside
  2. Minors consuming alcohol
  3. Drug use
  4. Crowd control issues
  5. Loud noise or music
  6. Loud and boisterous crowds
  7. Fights
  8. Trash & debris

What evidence is needed when lodging a complaint?

Substantiating eye-witness complaints with photos  or video is helpful, but not required.

Click here to report a nuisance business complaint



Who automatically receives your report? The following members of the Nightlife Task Force, including:

  1. State Police Liquor Control Enforcement Supervisor Frank Spera
  2. Capt. Brian Hartzell, 3rd District Commander
  3. Dept of License & Inspection Nuisance Property Unit Director Tracy Ruffin
  4. South Street Headhouse District
  5. State Senator Larry Farnese, 1st District
  6. State Representative Mary Isaacson, 175th District
  7. Councilman Mark Squilla, 1st District

Frank Spera is a Supervisor of the Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement. He participates on the South Street Headhouse NightLife Task Force. He coordinates with L&I, the Health Department plus state and city police to set up joint inspections. LCE has committed to increased joint inspections in the future, which will be driven by the number of resident complaints received.


Queen Village has renewed commitment from State Representative Mary Isaacson, a member of the Liquor Oversight Committee and State Senator Larry Farnese, to bring nuisance businesses into compliance. 

Advocacy at the State level is vital, as the Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement, an arm of the State Police, is responsible for investigating alleged violations of liquor laws and regulations. Surprise inspections can be launched, as evidenced in the surprise compliance checks in late June 2019, that temporarily shut down five businesses on South Street.