The Queen Village Crier

For over 30 years, QVNA published a monthly newsletter called The Queen Village Crier.  Publication ceased in June of 2014.  Archives of the newsletter appear below.


  • March 2014 - Bylaws revision vote; Your house can be a star! Showcase it on the Queen Village House Tour, May 3; A breath of spring: Greening up, creating jobs for a healthier Philadelphia climate; Back to Fitzwater for energy audit; Know a hidden corner that could use an artist’s touch?; Restaurant Profile: JJ Bootleggers
  • January 2014 - Recipe for a Successful, Festive Holiday Party; Reflections on 2013, a year well spent; Resolve to get involved in 2014; Council grants waiver for those who appealed their taxes; You can be the change you wish to see; start with your neighborhood; Restaurant Profile: Catahoula; Queen Village Tree Tenders learn pruning techniques; Support our neighborhood schools: February 11 at Bridget Foy’s


  • December 2013 - Making a difference in neighborhood schools; New board members bring new talents; Need a parking space? QVNA needs you; QVNA offers home energy audits at reduced cost of $99; Free Holiday Events and Displays; What it takes to plant your typical street tree; Know Your Neighbors; Holiday Safety Tips from the QVNA Public Safety Committee; Two ways to help Nebinger: Target Redcard, Recycling Rewards; Dog waste containers bring positive response; Keep the bugs in when the mattress goes out; Longtime Homeowners Property Tax Relief (LOOP) forms now in mail
  • November 2013 - November 21: Come vote in QVNA Board Elections 7 to 8 pm; Cohen & Co. Hardware celebrates 100 years on South Street; Join QV tree tenders to plant trees on November 23, at 9 am; Gathering new energy for revitalization; Building community, block by block; November 16: Love Your Park; Restaurant Profile: Serpico; Sweep, bag, repeat!; NOVEMBER 21 BOARD CANDIDATES
  • September 2013 - Property Tax Appeal Deadline October 7!; QVNA pitches in on education, but School District funds still uncertain; At Headhouse, two summer festivals; Philly Media Club students develop videos, write poetry, learn media; South & Passyunk Farmers’ Market, Philadelphia’s first, closes; Restaurant Profile: Sushi Planet; ‘Scoop the Poop’ campaign gets off the ground; Friends of Shot Tower make big splash with spray pool; QVNA Board elections coming in November; Nebinger experiences banner year; At Weccacoe, work continues to commemorate and renovate
  • June 2013 - Farewell Doc Burnley, welcome Principal Anh Brown to Nebinger; Shot Tower Playground spray pool revamped; Weccacoe Playground Says Thanks; MARIAN BUCZEK: Lady with Heart; New pharmacy coming July 8; Meredith On The Run seeks sponsors; QVK9 Summer in Full Swing; Nebinger wins Recycle Bank & Heart Association awards
  • May 2013 - In act of defiance, community spirit stares down fire’s devastation; WECCACOE FUNFILLED FESTIVAL AND SUSTAINABILITY FAIR; Congrats, Sonny Hill League!; Successful tax appeal gives hope in days of AVI: We fought the law and actually won; AVI: Not fair, not transparent; Tips from police and Commerce Department: How to buy a security camera; Penn’s Village: Neighbor to Neighbor, Trout to Turkey; Old Pine outreach provides careful care; South & Passyunk Farmers’ Market moves to Saturday; Gotcha, Graffiti! Tagging back by app
  • April 2013 - New sign at Shot Tower heralds pride, teaches physics; South Street Headhouse District Spring Festival; Jazz Sanctuary performs at Gloria Dei; Annual Queen Village Open House and Garden Tour Saturday, May 4, noon to 4 pm; At Weccacoe’s Festival: Put some fun in your family life, June 1; Help make our Village even safer; SATURDAY, MAY 11 LOVE YOUR PARK(S); Preserving the past for the future; Getting back into the swing of things with QVK9; Assist your Neighborhood Schools
  • March 2013 - Signs of the worth of working together; Now that you have your 2014 tax assessment . . . Here’s what comes next; Lights On for Safety; Your House This Year?; PA Property Tax or Rent Rebate Program; Weccacoe looks for festival sponsors; Streetscape study begins with help from Headhouse and Bainbridge Green; QVNA goes APP; Calling All Renters: Come join us!; Philadelphia good place to walk
  • February 2013 - Progress on goals, new committees, plans and volunteers; Warning: AVI Assessments for property taxes will arrive soon. Are you ready? Here’s the timeline; Annual Queen Village Open House Tour: What about your house?; News from our Headhouse neighbors; Enjoy An Afternoon With the Philadelphia 76ers, Support Your Neighborhood Schools; Nebinger Friends announce Green School Program grant; Bid on hot items at Meredith School Auction; Sustainability Committee offers Home Energy Assessments; Before Jackie Robinson, Catto; Many thanks to latest donors to Queen Village Community Center;


  • September 2012 - Ongoing conversations on AVI and tax policy; ‘IN HIS FRIENDS’ OWN WORDS’ Remembering Jeff Rush; MARK YOUR CALENDAR Informational session with the Office of Property Assessment on the AVI (Actual Value Initiative); November Elections for QVNA Board; From Southwark/Queen Village Garden: City Harvest, Summer Camp; For Your Fall Calendar: September 29 - FRENCH REVOLUTION LEADER JEAN PAUL MARAT; Save October 8 for Friends of Weccacoe Playground; Richard Wolk Remembers Jeff Rush; Want a Clean Weed-Free Queen Village? Just Do It!; QVK9 Expands Scope to Educate and Donate; Need Baby Sitting?
  • June 2012 - Six-month report: we’re making progress; Weccacoe Fun Festival/Sustainability Fair is huge success; something for everyone; Open House, Open Enjoyment; TENNIS AT WECCACOE THIS YEAR; Summer at Mario Lanza Park: Kid-Fest, movies, barbecues, music; Meredith School student Michael Woodward: A voice on the rise; Queen Village mural progresses, but needs your support; Settlement’s Kaleidoscope offers fall classes for preschoolers; QVK9: Responsible dog owners of Queen Village unite; Do Belgian Blocks have charm to calm the urban traffic beast?; Friends of Weccacoe Playground send THANKS to generous merchants; Tax reform: ‘Do AVI right, not recklessly’
  • May 2012 - Response to ‘It Takes a Village’ canvass ‘overwhelmingly positive’; City funds Weccacoe Playground; Twelve + Twelve = Beautified Neighborhood; Sharing needed supplies with schools; 35th Annual Queen Village Open House and Garden Tour Saturday, May 19, noon to 4 pm; Southwark’s 250th a great success; QV Tree Tenders perform post-planting mulching magic; FUN Filled Festival at Weccacoe June 2, 11 am to 3 pm; Help add a mural to Queen Village; Sextons offer Sideshow at Gloria Dei; Mario Lanza Park: Seeking more good Friends; Make a Mother’s Day; Free Tai Chi Class at the River; Help QVNA clean up!
  • April 2012 - Property Tax Reform and the Actual Value Initiative; ‘It Takes Queen Village’ is knocking on your door!; COME CELEBRATE SOUTHWARK ON ITS 250TH ANNIVERSARY (1762-2012!); Winnie the Pooh would feel right at home at Southwark Queen Village Community Garden; Join TreeVitalize Tree Planting on Saturday, April 21; QV Open House Tour May 19; FitC: Enrich your urban experience; Correction: Luckily, the Crier didn’t write the check!; 2,000 bags of trash off the streets Help QVNA clean up!; Jean Barr stars in energy audit story; A Call to Action: Can we stoop to conquer litter?; MUSICAL NEWS FROM NEBINGER; Upcoming at Meredith School; News from QVNA Dog Committee; PSSST...Join Small Streets Society; Music, Guitar Instruction Offered; Free Lecture at Settlement
  • March 2012 - Schools, taxes, history, and joint efforts; Help build good schools: ‘It Takes Queen Village’; Congratulations, Ralph Burnley; Open House and Garden Tour: Yours this year?; PA Property Tax or Rent Rebate Program; A Q and A with Walt Lowthian about Friends of Weccacoe; Passing the Torch for Art in the Park; Kudos to ‘For Pete’s Sake’ for renovation for neighborhood’s sake; Help Yourself to Health; Tuesdays for Books, Babies; HELP MEREDITH & NEBINGER ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS RIGHT NOW
  • February 2012 - Progress, Participation, Four new Committees; QVNA forms new Schools Committee; What I-95 took away; GHOST STORIES; Hello, street trees, Goodbye, circulars; Cities and Highways; At Weccacoe: Save June 2 for Second FUN-Filled FUNdraiser; Independent dog group meets; Help QVNA clean up!; Yo Dawg! comics seek to teach eco-friendly dog life; George W. Nebinger School’s scores on the rise
  • January 2012 - Our Inheritance, Our Challenges; On Monroe Street neighbors make a clean sweep; Nebinger goes green, wins big Annual Queen Village Open House and Garden Tour: Your house or garden, perhaps?; Recycling at Curbside: The list grows; Weccacoe plans include obstacle course; Update: Mario Lanza Dog Run; YOUR VIEWS ON DOG WASTE, WATER POLLUTION


  • October 2011 - Waterfront, Sugarhouse expansion, Security; Sustainability Committee seeks your input; QVNA Board Elections: Second Call for Nominations; Pie in the Sky helps ill people; Weccacoe: Burying Ground, Garden, Park, Playground; Discounted Energy Audits are back; available through QVNA!; We’re cleaner with your help!


  • October 2010 - Waterfront update; Queen Village: battle scars and victory marches; Sustaining the Neighborhood; Visit the Free Library bookstore; QV’s restaurant scene has new faces; Zoning Code Commission releases drafts of new zoning code; Love your park and it’ll love you back; Calling all ghosts and goblins!; November Elections for QVNA Board –Second Call; Coat Drive: Keep someone warm
  • February 2010 - Casino, taxes; City residents to earn rewards for curbside recycling; City saves money by Going Green; Come join us on Town Watch; Mario Lanza Park Dog Run: Taking it to a higher standard; Open House 2010: Looking for Homes!; Tax/Rent Rebate Program Update; How to sign-up for Philadelphia’s Recycling Rewards Program; 2010 Census: Best temporary part-time job to come along in 10 years!; Jewish preschool to open soon; Help be a QVNA valentine


  • October 2009 - CASINO UPDATE; Taxation without Hesitation; City Harvest plot shares its cool weather crops; New neighbor welcomed to QVNA with a basket of goodies; November Elections for QVNA Board: Second Call; Settlement Music School’s Fall schedule of events; Jibe invites you to ‘rök-architectuur’; Catch Steve’s last look at QV’s past; Come for all things pumpkin; Pumpkinland comes to Headhouse
  • February 2009 - Casino update & taxes; Steve Schatz spins back to Board; Discussions continue on proposed new Queen Village dog park; details aired at meeting; A Call for Community Action; PGW Energy-Saving Tips: Little Things Mean a Lot; Roll Call of block cleanup leaders. Add Your Block!; Shop with reusable bags: A good habit for a change; Got a computer question? Ask The QV Computer guy; Triangle Park spearheads holiday toy drive; Books make neighbor to neighbor connections


  • October 2008 - Casino Update; Sharing the City Harvest; November Board Elections: Second call for nominations; MARIO LANZA HALLOWEEN; QVNA volunteers: We’re looking for good people — to honor!; Weccacoe tennis court successes; Penn’s Village matches seniors with volunteers to provide services; WAY TO GO BECK PARK!!; Working to get butts to butt out!
  • February 2008 - QVNA Safety Committee’s Shout Out for Safety Captains; Neighborhood concerns: casinos & canines; Dog owners’ statement at community meeting; Call for House Sitters for QVNA Open House May 10; Help welcome neighbors; Artist in the House: Kim Martin show; Send a sign about signs; General Meeting Special Presentations; Attention artists, crafts people!; Two groups receive green honors; Jibe Design offers green glimpses; Your Transportation Committee at work on A Vision of Transportation in Queen Village; 2008 Street Cleaning Schedule


  • October 2007 - Bylaws Changes Vote at the October Meeting; Share old neighborhood photos; expand city’s historical records; Casino physics in Philadelphia; WECCACOE PLAYGROUND BUILDING OFFICIALLY OURS; SECURITY UPDATE; CASINO UPDATE; ’Hood Happenings; Shot Tower Recreation Center Programs; St. Peters School to hold Harvest Festival; St Peter’s Food Cupboard marks 20 years; November Board Elections: Second Call For Nominations; One BIG “Thank You” . . .
  • February 2007 - QVNA Letter to At-Large City Council Members; DiCicco introduces casino legislation in City Council; Come help develop neighborhood conservation plans on February 15; Don’t gamble with our neighborhood; House Tours and Great Cities; Let us know what you think about PhillyCarShare in QV; Let’s Get it Together!; 2007 STREET CLEANING SCHEDULE; Parking Update: We need input on ‘garage front‘ parking
  • January 2007 - QVNA supports zoning code changes; Casinos need to be part of larger vision; Help save a neighborhood green; Cub Scouts coming; We have our work cut out for us in the new year; All around the town: Ways to start the new year off right; Then: Trinity Episcopal Church, Now: Mario Lanza Park; CLIP AND SAVE 2007 Curbside Recycling Schedule; Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program news: Income level increased; Shot Tower cleans up; Dancing meatballs for kids;


  • December 2006 - Two Years Running: It's Officially a Tradition; Monthly Plastics/Mixed Paper Recycling Drop Off needs volunteers!; Thanks for the memories; New Delaware Riverfront Planning Initiative; Here’s to a Great Year Ahead; Casino site announcement is December 20; Good news (for now): Tax re-assessment plan postponed; QVNA Launches Transit Guide; Want to participate in framing an agenda for Philadelphia’s future?; Bright future beckons at Beck Park next Spring; Here’s buzz on motorcycles: Back on police radar and off the streets;
  • October 2006 - Second call for nominations to QVNA Board; AFTER 30 YEARS, TIMES ARE CHANGING: QVNA will no longer receive NAC funding; Goodbye and Good Luck; HELP WANTED at the Library; Linda Reichart to perform at Settlement Music School; Down Home Day at Mario Lanza: moon bounce, apple bobbing, pumpkins & more; Tackling Graffiti yet again; CAN YOU HELP?; Southwark/Queen Village Community garden solar project now complete
  • September 2006 - “Everyone complains about traffic... yet everyone participates;” Update on community action against Foxwoods casino; Fall Into Action – Get Involved; QVNA and Recycling; Celebrate at St. Peter’s Festival; National Night Out a success; Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program Deadline Extended for 2006; Elementary School Fair aids search; Shot Tower needs you; Growing together for 30 years; “Fall for” Mario Lanza Park
  • June 2006 - Come for fun on Tuesdays at Mario Lanza KidFest and through summer; Real Progress in Addressing Traffic Issues on Christian Street; A look backward, then forward: Lots to do — together; Open House Tour Thank Yous; TREEVITALIZE: LAST ROUND COMING UP; “Sacks Full of Stars” needs you; Tax Reassessment Committee anyone?; Congrats to drill teams! See them and enjoy music this summer at Jefferson Square Park; HARRY SOLOMON, 1922-1986; Parking Sub-Committee meets with Parking Authority; TENNIS FOR YOUTH
  • April 2006 - Christian Street focus of traffic meeting; An Invitation to treat yourself to QV Open House!; The Proposed Casino Near Us; What’s up at Mario Lanza; Help make Queen Village bike friendly!; Trees, trees, trees; Buy Fresh, Buy Local is back; Child Health & Safety Fair April 29; Real Estate Tax Forgiveness available; Lighten Up! Fight Crime!; Outside lights help deter crime; From South Philadelphia to Queen Village; Upcoming programs on city life; Recreation Department offers jobs
  • February 2006 - Liquor licensing needs a new volunteer; Queen Village annihilated by explosion?; Bodine Street Garden is saved; Musical tip from a QV resident; Think spring, think open house; Gaming update; Parking Committee selects parking improvement projects; RIP Silk Screen Factory; Lenten Services Scheduled; Shot Tower rec needs new volunteers; QV resident runs historic New Jersey hotel


  • February 2005 - On Monroe Street, it takes a threesome; They salvage small treasures; Are you a history buff? We need you; G. Fred DiBona Testimonial: He was vital part of Queen Village, past & present; Second call for April Open House Tour; Youthbuild helps turn lives around; WALL CATALYSTS; TWO RESOURCES FOR SENIORS; 2005 Street Cleaning Schedule