2018 Grant Recipient Info

This page is for QVNA’s 2018 Community Grant Award Recipients. It may also be useful for review by schools, volunteer groups and organizations that want to apply for a 2019 grant.

Grant Year Calendar

January 1, 2019 Grant funds are available
June 30, 2019 Deadline for Progress Report
November 15, 2019 Deadline to request Grant Year extension
due to extenuating circumstances
December 31, 2019 Grant is closed
January 15, 2020 Deadline for Final Report and Expense

Program Documents

Please contact Jake Peterson text or phone at 215.339.0975, or by email at info@qvna.org.

Please note:  Documents on this page are for the 2018 grant program. 2019 Community Grant Program documents may differ in whole or in part.