On November 16th, seven QVNA Board members will be elected.  Will YOU be one of them?

Our ballot will include seven positions for a two-year Board term (Jan 1, 2022 to Dec 31, 2023).

Nominees are sought for the following six positions:  President; Vice President and Director (5 seats).   Read about the roles and responsibilities of these positions as well as a brief overview of how the association functions HERE.

The Board of Directors establish the association’s strategic direction and budget; and determine our key priorities, programs and services.  Board members work collaboratively to address issues and concerns of Queen Villagers.  Each is an at-large community leader, representing the whole of our community – neither lobbying for or against a particular issue, nor representing only certain blocks within our geography.

Candidate requirements:
  • Queen Village resident, age 18+ (Our boundaries: the south side of Lombard St to the north side of Washington Ave; and the east side of 6th St to the Delaware River piers.)
  • Notify QVNA by 9pm on October 19, 2022 of your interest in running for the Board.
  • Attend at least two QVNA-sponsored meetings between January-October 2022.  (Any Community, Zoning, Town Hall or Committee Meeting).  Meeting attendance is proven by meeting registrations, which are kept at QVNA’s office.  All upcoming QVNA-sponsored meetings are listed on the Events Calendar.)
Interested?  We’d like the opportunity to meet with you!

Nominations for the 2022 Board Election will begin on June 1, 2022.