Planning to Vote by Mail? Take Action Now!

QVNA helps promote civic engagement and voting in elections. To prepare for the November 3rd General Election, we have a few fact to share:

There’s no physical difference between the mail-in ballot (in Pennsylvania). The difference is WHY the ballot is used:
  • Mail-in ballots do not require a reason to use it. 
  • Absentee ballots are traditionally allotted to people who won’t be home during an election.
For all voter registration needs, to go (or call 1-877-877-3772)
  • October 19th is the deadline for voter registration
To apply for mail-in ballot, to go (or call 1-877-877-3772)
  • October 27th at 5:00 p.m. is the deadline for mail-in or absentee ballot applications. 
    • You must have a valid PA driver’s license or a photo I.D. 
    • Apply early to receive your ballot before the election. 
If you voted by mail in the primaries and want to see if you will automatically receive your November 3rd election ballot, go to
  • Ballots will be mailed to voters in early October.
  • Complete your ballot and mail it as soon as possible. Officials and politicians in Philadelphia are urging voters to postmark their ballots at least two weeks before the election.
Vote in the November 3 General Election:
  • Mail-in ballots MUST be received by the Board of Elections by November 3, 8:00 p.m. 
  • An alternative to mailing your ballot is using the dedicated drop-off box at City Hall (located between the Octavius Catto statue and the south entrance) or find another location at
  • To vote in person between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., find your polling place at


Three New Community Grants Awarded

Queen Village Neighbors Association’s  Board of Directors has awarded grants totalling $10,000 for three worthy projects. Queen Village’s Community Grant Program provides funding for projects and programs that help improve neighborhood quality of life. Congratulations to our three recipients:

Friends of Beck Park was awarded $7,000 for masonry repair and restoration of the park’s low brick garden walls, both for safety and aesthetic reasons. Beck Park is located at the corner of 2nd and Beck streets. Friends of Beck Park is a group of nearby neighbors who volunteer to beautify and care for this small pocket park.

Nebinger Parent Teacher Association (PTA) was awarded $2,000 to assist in the purchase of 46 lockers for incoming middle school students. QVNA’s grant, combined with other PTA fundraising efforts, helps achieve Nebinger’s goal of having one individual locker assigned to each of the 80 additional 7th- and 8th graders in the coming school year.

Fleisher Art Memorial was awarded a $1,000 to provide Art Care Kits for 40 Queen Village youth to use at home during the pandemic.  Each kit contains a box of art supplies and lesson plans so young artists have the tools and supplies they need for positive self-expression at home. Recipients are being encouraged to share their artwork on Instagram @fleishercommunity.

Before making funding recommendations to the Board of Directors, QVNA’s Grants Committee reviewed all applications using the program’s published criteria. Thank you, Grant Committee Chair Kathy Dilonardo and committee members Matthew Atkins, Sarah Davis and Mike McPhilmy for your volunteer service.

May 14th Meet the Candidates for State Rep, 182nd District – A Zoom Meeting

QVNA and Bella Vista Neighbors Association invite you to meet candidates on the ballot for State Representative of the 182nd District. This virtual meeting will be from 6:30 to 7:45 p.m. on May 27th.

You may register to attend this Zoom meeting online or by phone here.

As an alternative, you may watch it live streamed on QVNA’s Facebook page (

  • Submit a question for the candidates here.
  • Find out who represents you in the State General Assembly here.

Our panel moderator will be Patrick Christmas, policy director for the Committee of Seventy  who will ask questions to the following candidates:

Incumbent: Brian Sims (D)
Challenger: Marisa Shaaban (D)
Challenger: Drew Murray (R)

This is the second of a three-meeting virtual series of meet the candidate for our State General Assembly events, sponsored as a public service so neighbors may engage with candidates on the General Primary Election ballot.

For more information on this virtual meeting series, click here.

QVNA and BVNA encourage all residents to vote by mail-in ballot in the June 2nd General Primary Election. To register, check your registration, or apply for your mail-in ballot, click here.