Wed, June 9: Urgent Town Hall Meeting

As promised, we are holding our City Leaders accountable.  Per our Multi-Community Emergency Town Hall on May 5th (watch it here), elected and appointed City Leaders ​agreed to address the escalating safety issue of ATVs, motorcycles, slingshots, dirtbike​s and modified cars ​running rampant on commercial corridors, boulevards​ and residential streets. ​Once again, we are asking for a fully funded City Action Plan to address this systemic safety issue.

Join with QVNA and our fellow Civics in this Call for Action on Wednesday, June 9th at 6pmRegister for this Zoom meeting HERE

Confirmed City Leaders include: 

  • Tumar Alexander, City Managing Director
  • Rich Montanez, Streets Deputy Commissioner
  • Ralph DiPietro, Licenses & Inspection Acting Commissioner
  • Robert Listenbee, Office of the District Attorney of Philadelphia
  • Councilman Mark Squilla, 1st District
  • Councilman Allan Domb, At-Large
  • Councilman Derek Green, At-Large

We need to know how and when City Leaders will collaborate and prioritize a fully funded action plan to address ​this ​urgent safety issue.  The action plan needs to:

  • Tighten up laws (written by Council Members who represent you)
  • Enforce laws (provide Philadelphia Police with the necessary resources)
  • Fund initiatives (allocated by the Managing Director’s office)
  • Prosecute violators (action plan from the District Attorney’s office to support the work of Council and Police)

Civics need City accountability. These are the organizations led by volunteer residents whose hours and efforts on the ground support their neighborhoods.

This meeting will also be live-streamed at

ALCOHOL-LICENSED Business Complaint Form

When neighbors hear, see or experience nuisance behavior inside or immediately outside an alcohol-licensed business, please report it here. The link is always available from QVNA’s homepage: It is NOT a substitute for calling 911. Each submitted report notifies law enforcement and government officials immediately and simultaneously.

What is reportable NUISANCE behavior by an alcohol-licensed business?
  • Alcohol from the business being brought outside
  • Minors consuming alcohol
  • Drug use
  • Crowd control issues
  • Loud noise or music
  • Loud and boisterous crowds
  • Fights
  • Trash & debris

Anonymous complaints are NOT accepted on this website. They are accepted by the Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement at 1-800-932-0602 or here.

Wed, May 5: Urgent Town Hall Meeting

An Multi-Community Town Hall is scheduled for 6:00 pm on Wednesday, May 5th.  This urgent meeting with City Leaders is focused on the escalating safety issues around ATVs, dirt bikes, slingshots and modified motorcycles of all sizes.  They speed down residential and commercial streets, pedestrian sidewalks, ride against traffic, disregard stop signs and lights, and hold up traffic to congregate or perform stunts. What once was a summer occurrence has now developed into year-round behavior.

The goal is a funded and sustainable plan of action from City Leaders.  City leaders have the power to change how the police and other city agencies manage this issue.  Residents need a combined platform to demonstrate the regular experience of this aggressive and dangerous safety issue.  This Multi-Community Town Hall, sponsored by Queen Village Neighbors Association, will be live streamed on its Facebook page.

Confirmed City Leaders include:

  • Tumar Alexander, City Managing Director
  • Joel Dales, Police Deputy Commissioner
  • Rich Montanez, Streets Deputy Commissioner
  • Chance Lee, Assistant District Attorney
  • Mike Lee, Assistant District Attorney
  • Councilman Mark Squilla, 1st District
  • Councilman Allan Domb, At-Large
  • Councilman Derek Green, At-Large