QVNA Board and Staff

The Board of Directors of QVNA is an elected body composed of an Executive Board (President, 2 Vice Presidents, Recording Secretary, and Treasurer) and eight duly elected Directors.

Board members serve for a period of two years, and are eligible for re-election to the same office, but not for more than two consecutive terms. In order to be eligible for nomination to fill an office in the QVNA, the person nominated must be a member of the Association in good standing – having attended at least two meetings within a twelve-month period preceding the election meeting in November. Nominations for officers and board are taken at the September and October General Membership Meetings.

QVNA Board

Eleanor Ingersoll- President
Melissa Donnelly – Executive Vice President
Jordan Schwartz – Vice President
Justin Fishman – Treasurer
Jeff Hornstein – Recording Secretary
Dahvia Dalton – Board Member
Joe Felicetti – Board Member
Mark Grabarits – Board Member
Inez “Kandi” Green- Board Member
Elizabeth Grimaldi – Board Member
Latasha McKnight – Board Member
Emily Perschetz – Board Member
Maria Roberts – Board Member
Kathy Conway – Emeritus Board Member
Michael Hauptman – Emeritus Board Member


QVNA Staff

Lucy Erdelac
Jake Peterson