Editorial Guidelines

QVNA, the official publication of Queen Village Neighbors Association, is published six times a year.¬† If you are considering contributing a story for publication, you’ll want to read several issues of the magazine to become familiar with the type of stories we accept for publication.

We publish articles consistent with our mission

QVNA is a nonprofit civic association representing the best interests of Queen Village. We provide and promote community stewardship, advocacy and service and we publish articles that are consistent with this mission.

We want original content that interests and engages readers in timeless stories

QVNA Magazines seeks original content that will appeal to both new and longtime Queen Village residents. Editorially we look for neighborhood stories with appeal to a broad range of Queen Village residents.

QVNA Magazine will NOT print articles that:

  • Promote a specific business, professional practice or for-profit interest.
  • Launch or support a political campaign, lobbying effort, or are political in nature.
  • Are associated with a topic or activity not allowed for 501(c) (3) nonprofits.
  • Offer legal, medical, tax, or other professional advice.
  • Are of such a timely nature that the content cannot live past 3+ months.
  • Are based solely or substantively on a press release.
  • In the sole opinion of QVNA are not appropriate for publication in QVNA Magazine.

What prospective content contributors should know:

Since contributed content published in our magazine is original and written specifically for it, QVNA encourages content contributors to republish their articles. After submitted articles go to press, QVNA will give authors permission to republish elsewhere as long as QVNA receives credit, e.g., “This article originally appeared in the July 2015 issue of QVNA. It has been reprinted with permission.”

Additional information for contributors to know:

  • Article word counts may vary between 350 and 650 words, depending on the use of associated images or magazine space needs.¬† QVNA Magazine’s Editor will make the final decision on word counts and content editing.
  • We reserve the right to edit all submitted articles.
  • The deadline for articles (with or without associated images) is six-weeks prior to publication; however, acceptance of an article for publication does not mean that the article will appear in the very next issue.
  • Editorial decisions are final.

Interested in writing for QVNA Magazine?

Please send two writing samples that are most closely aligned with the content and style of writing that you see in QVNA Magazine to Editor@QVNA.org.