QVNA Groups

QVNA Groups consist of neighbors who have taken on a project or cause to help improve the neighborhood.  Unlike committees, groups are not official QVNA entities, and operate independently of the neighborhood association.  QVNA serves as a fiscal sponsor for several of the groups listed below.


Friends of Front Street Green

The Mission of The Friends of Gateway Green is to re-imagine the park on Front Street between Christian and Washington Streets to create a welcoming gateway into Queen Village.

Friends of Washington Avenue Green

The Friends of Washington Avenue Green support and promote the use of the new greenspace on the Delaware River where Washington Avenue intersects Columbus Boulevard.

Queen Village Kids

Queen Village Kids is made up of parents who share local resources, plan play dates, announce local happenings.

Meredith Home and School Association

The Meredith Home and School Association are parents, guardians, teachers, and administrators who volunteer their time to help enrich the education of Meredith School students.

Friends of Nebinger

The Friends of George W. Nebinger was established to champion Nebinger as a wonderful place for neighborhood children to receive an outstanding education.

Friends of Moyamensing Point

The Friends of Moyamensing Point is a QVNA group of volunteers who help make Moyamensing Point a beautiful gathering spot for neighbors to enjoy.


Dog owners in Queen Village united to provide pet education, outreach, and fun for everyone.

Friends of Bainbridge Green

The mission of the Friends of Bainbridge Green is to beautify “Bainbridge Green”, the park on Bainbridge Street between Third and Fifth.

Friends of Shot Tower

The Friends of the Shot Tower is a local neighborhood organization that works to provide outdoor activities and improvements to support families and friends at the Shot Tower Playground.

Friends of Beck Park

The Friends of Beck Park are Queen Village residents who are dedicated to maintaining and beautifying Beck Park.

Friends of Weccacoe

The Friends of Weccacoe Playground is a QVNA committee of volunteers who help make the Weccacoe Playground a clean, green, and safe place for kids and adults.

Tree Tenders

The Queen Village Tree Tenders are a dedicated team of neighborhood volunteers who have been planting and taking care of trees in Queen Village since 2005.