Zoning Committee

Chair: Peter Piven

The Zoning Committee is a professional advisory group comprised primarily of engineers and architects who live in Queen Village. Its job is to coordinate requests for waivers and variances by builders and homeowners in the context of immediate neighbors’ concerns, construction details, historical considerations and zoning law, and to communicate its findings and recommendations to the Philadelphia Zoning Board of Adjustment for ruling.

The QVNA Zoning Committee meets the second Wednesday of each month to review cases. All are welcome to attend and learn about development in Queen Village.

In order to be added to the Zoning Committee agenda, please email us your Refusal of Permit at least 12 days in advance of the meeting. Applicants are responsible for notifying affected nearby residents per the City Planning Commission guidelines and must send QVNA proof that residents have been properly notified. 

How You Can Get Involved

ContactContact the Zoning Committee to get information about upcoming events, meetings and programs