Historic Preservation Committee

Past Chairs: David O’Donnell, Al Dorof, Cynthia Temple, Amy Grant

The mission of the Historic Preservation Committee is to document and promote the history of Queen Village and to celebrate the cultural traditions and memories of the generations who have called Queen Village home. Through these means the Historic Preservation Committee strives to forge links between past, present and future. Our core values include: working to insure the preservation of Queen Village’s historic buildings, streets and courtyards, and green spaces; working to record and make available Queen Village’s social, architectural, and cultural history as it has evolved over more than three centuries; working to identify and use available resources to support our mission in concert with the Queen Village Neighbors’ Association as well as other local organizations and government agencies.

The core working group of the Historic Preservation Committee includes members of the Southwark Historical Society, who maintain a website featuring articles, historic maps, historic timelines, and a historic home inventory.   Many of the resources which were formerly housed on the Queen Village website have been transferred to the Southwark Historical Society’s archive.