Nuisance Noise Committee

Ever startled by a loud motorcycle that revs its engine, and apparently has no muffler? Or the car with a boom box radio you can hear from six blocks away? How about the inconsiderate neighborhood restaurant with faulty and noisy HVAC equipment, or the neighborhood bar that plays loud music? If so, you are victim of nuisance noise! The QVNA Nuisance Noise Committee works with area residents, police and city officials to substantially reduce the problem of nuisance noise in areas adjacent to South Street and other places in Queen Village. There is a new, tough noise ordinance that the South Street Police Detail is enforcing throughout Queen Village. If you can locate the source of the noise, you have recourse!

Enforcement of Noise Ordinances:

According to the new noise ordinances, nuisance noise can be ANY disturbing noise that is more than 10 decibels above the regular background “ambient” noise levels. The South Street Police detail which operates from a Mini-Station in the 900 block of South Street has a number of officers now trained and equipped to measure noise disturbances with highly sensitive noise meters. They are empowered to issue tickets to offenders, and have been since 2004.

Before they were trained, nuisance noise was an issue that was spread among agencies, including the City’s Office of Air Management (handling noise from business establishments and other sources, and who had been the only city officials equipped and trained with noise meters). For bars and restaurant violators with liquor licenses, one was obliged to call the LCE (State Liquor Control Enforcement). While it is still possible to work through other agencies, and with repeat violators, often necessary to do so, the first step in dealing with a violator in Queen Village is to call 911 to make sure the complain is logged, and then call South Street Mini-Station, report the incident, and if appropriate, have them take a noise meter reading, and issue of Citation and Fine. Offenders can receive tickets up to $300!

Nuisance Noise Committee Operation:

The Nuisance Noise Committee works with the South Street Detail, the Queen Village Neighbors Association, our City Councilperson, and other agencies and parties. We meet monthly, the first Tuesday of every month. If you feel there are noise issues that should be addressed in the community through organization or group action, then you are welcome to join this committee.