Queen Village Call for Board Nominations

QVNA Call for Board Nominations

Are you interested in being more involved in your neighborhood? The Queen Village Neighbors Association (QVNA) is holding its Board elections on November 16, 2017. QVNA exists to serve the residents of Queen Village and strengthen the community by:

  • Providing a forum for public discussion of issues of concern and interest,
  • Supporting improvements to our neighborhood, our schools and our city,
  • Facilitating understanding and use of public services and
  • Acting as a channel of communication with city officials and elected representatives.

Areas of focus are zoning, schools and youth, public safety and quality of life improvements.

The Board is made up of five officers and eight “at large” members, each of whom serve two-year terms 

Eligibility and Requirements

Candidates must be a resident (renter or owner) of Queen Village, have attended and signed in at any two QVNA-sponsored meetings in the last 12 months, and can commit to the first Thursday of every month for Board Meetings.

Candidates should submit a headshot and a 200-word statement about yourself and why you want to run to info@qvna.org by October 19, 2017. Statements will be published on QVNA’s website, and candidates are invited to make a brief statement at QVNA’s General Meeting on October 19. Elections will take place at the General Meeting on November 16, 2017.

If you need to attend additional meetings to be eligible, the upcoming meetings qualify:

  • Friends of Nebinger September 27 7 PM at Weccacoe
  • QVNA General Meeting September 28 7:30 PM at Weccacoe
  • QVNA Board Meeting October 5 7 PM at Weccacoe
  • Schools & Youth Committee October 12 7 PM at Weccacoe
  • QVNA General Meeting October 19 7:30 at Old Swedes

For more information on QVNA and its Board, please see our by-laws.