South Street Spring Festival Information for Residents

South Street Headhouse District’s annual festival is this Saturday, May 6, 2017 from 11 am to 8 pm. Rain or shine.

The following permitted streets will be CLOSED:

  • South Street between Front & 8th Streets
  • 2nd Street between Lombard & Bainbridge Streets
  • 5th St & 6th St between Lombard & Bainbridge Streets
  • Passyunk Ave between Lombard & Bainbridge Streets

The following cross streets will be OPEN:

  • Front Street, 3rd Street, 4th Street, 7th Street & 8th Street
  • Bainbridge Street & Lombard Streets will also be open

(This are the same closures and restrictions as previous Spring Festivals, the streets will remain closed until after all vendors have been cleared and the street has been swept. Streets will open when safety allows, as they are available.)

South Street will be closed for vendor load-in starting at 3:00AM Friday night/Saturday morning. We will first close the 2nd Street Plaza (S. 2nd Street between Lombard & South Streets) followed by South Street from Front to 2nd Streets working WESTWARD. This plan allows for the least amount of traffic diversion making the 700 block of South Street the final block to be closed at approximately at 7:00AM. Cars left on the street will be relocated by the Philadelphia Parking Authority. Starting at 3am on Friday night through 10:30pm on Saturday, please be sure not to park on:

  • South Street from Front to 8th St
  • S. 2nd Street (between Lombard & Bainbridge Streets)
  • E. Passyunk Ave from South Street to Bainbridge
  • 5th Street between Lombard and Bainbridge

No thru traffic to South Street will be allowed on:

  • Hancock, American, Orianna, Leigthgow, Randolph & Kater Streets.

There will be 3 Music Stages, which will be located at 2nd and Lombard, 5th and South, and 8th and South, as well as smaller entertainment stages at Front & South & Randolph & South. All entertainment will end by 8 pm.

During the Festival, at each intersection, “Welcome Signs” will be placed reminding guests to properly dispose of trash, utilize provided rest rooms, and be respectful of the neighborhoods. Trash is picked up through the day at the festival and clean up continues through the morning. The morning after the Festival, the District has contracted for supplemental sanitation services beyond what is normally performed for the District. Teams will be sweeping and picking up on surrounding residential streets beyond the Festival perimeter.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact